Confused about LoadGasFile() and gas parameters setting

In examples, some code uses :
MediumMagboltz gas ( ’ ar ', 80., ’ co2 ', 20. ) ;
gas.SetTemperature ( 293.15 ) ;
gas.SetPressure ( 760. ) ;
Some code uses :
gas.LoadGasFile ( ’ xxx.gas ’ ) ;

I have read gas.LoadGasFile() vs gas.Initialise(true) ),I Know the first case prepares the table of microscopic scattering rates. The second case LoadGasFile prepares the tables of macroscopic transport parameters
I am still a little confused, I want to confirm whether my following understanding is correct :

  1. If I use AvalancheMicroscopic, I don 't need to import gas files
  2. If using AvalancheMC or DriftLineRKF, I must load the gas file
    3.Is gas.LoadGasFile(‘xxx.gas’); and gas. SetTemperature (293.15);gas.SetPressure ( 760. ) ; gas. SetComponent ( ’ xx ’ ) completely independent ? Does simultaneous use in the program affect each other ?
  3. What is the function of gas.Initialise (true) without loading the gas file ?Must I use it ?
  4. When must gas.LoadIonMobility be used with AvalancheMicroscopic, AvalancheMC or DriftLineRKF?What is the role of gas.LoadIonMobility( )


  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. No, they are not independent. If you load a gas file, the gas mixture, temperature and pressure are set to the values given in the gas file.
  4. This function sets up the table of scattering rates. You don’t need to call it explicitly; if you don’t it is called on demand.
  5. It loads a table of ion mobility values. You need to use it if you want to simulate ion drift (with AvalancheMC or DriftLineRKF).

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