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Conflict with Conda and Homebrew installation of ROOT


I am running Mac OS 10.14.6. I recently made the mistake of installing ROOT using the Conda package manager using conda install -c conda-forge root while having an existing installation installed using Homebrew with brew install root. I have tried to remove the Conda installation by running conda remove root, but this took several hours to run and in the end it failed because of conflicting packages. I don’t know how to proceed, and my ROOT installation no longer works at all. Is there a way to remove the Conda installation while still preserving my homebrew installation?


Hi @eggsAndCoffee ,
the quickest solution is to remove the whole conda environment. We suggest installing ROOT via conda in dedicated environments (and not in the base env) so it’s easier to scrap and recreate envs with/without ROOT.

For much quicker dependency resolution you can try using mamba instead of the conda command.

I hope this helps!

Thank you @eguiraud. Unfortunately I did install ROOT into the base env with Conda. Lesson learnt.

Are you able to comment at all as to whether or not it is best to install ROOT with Homebrew or with Conda? Or does it really make no difference?

Thank you.

It should not really make a difference, both should work.

Okay, thank you!