Conflict between TGListBox and TAxis signals?


I face a problem in my graphical interface that I don’t find how to resolve. On my right panel, I have an histogram plotted, on the left panel, I have a TGListBox to store histograms. (see picture)

When I start a zoom on the xaxis by clicking and sliding the mouse, if the mouse exit the canvas from above, below, or on the right, there is no problem. This means that if I release the click, the zoom is applied. If the mouse exit the canvas by passing on the TGListBox, and release the click, nothing happens, and when I put again the mouse on the pad, The transparent blue box showing the zoom range stay visible (see picture). To make it disappearing, I need to click on the TAxis.

Do you have an idea of which signal could create this problem in the TGListBox (I guess in the underlying TGCanvas), and how I could fix this problem ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Jérémie, which platform are you working on? Can you check with the TBrowser if it has the same behavior (with either the combo box or the list tree)?

Hi Bellenot, I am working on MacOS but we have the same behavior with linux computers. For the TBrowser, if you are speaking about the list tree listing the files of the current directories, we don’t have this problem. But I have implemented also the list tree in my software and I don’t have neither this problem, this is only when passing over the TGListBox. For the combo box, I am not sure about what you are talking about.

OK, thanks, then I’ll have to try. For the combo box, I was talking about either the Draw Option or the Filter ones (on the left tab of the browser)

I tested that, when plotting an histogram in the TBrowser, and then doing the same exercice of zooming, exiting the window, passing over the TGListBox of my GUI and releasing the mouse, I obtain the same problem:

nop, no problem with the combo box. If you need I can try to make a small example to be tested

Thanks, but I managed to reproduce the problem. I’ll check if there is a solution

Great, thanks

Hi Bellenot,

Any hints on how to fix it ?

No, still not (sorry, but too many parallel tasks right now)

Can you try this:

   yourListBox->GetContainer()->RemoveInput(kButtonReleaseMask | kButtonMotionMask);

:heart_eyes: perfect ! II’ve been struggling with this error for so long !Thanks a lot

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You’re very welcome!

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