Configure: error: ROOT could be initialised

When I use the command of ./configure during the process of install checkmate , this error appeared

configure: error: ROOT could be initialised but apparently it has been configured without Python functionality. Checkout the manual to find out how to add it.

so I want to know how to configure the corresponding python for root

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ROOT Version: 6.22/02
Platform: Not Provided
Compiler: Not Provided

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Sorry, but what is checkmate? And how did you install ROOT? Which platform are you working on?

ROOT Version: 6.22/02
Platform: ubuntu 18.04
Compiler: root_v6.22.02.Linux-ubuntu18-x86_64-gcc7.5.tar.gz
checkmate A tool to easily test simulated event files against LHC results.

It looks like the tar file contains the Python support. Maybe the version of Python used by ROOT is not compatible with the one on your system. You can check with root-config --has-pyroot and root-config --python2-version --python3-version

Thank you very much , I used these command that root-config --has-pyroot and root-config --python2-version --python3-version in the terminal , and my computer gave me these replies

root-config --has-pyroot
root-config --python2-version --python3-version

But I don’t know what these things mean and I don’t quite understand your last reply.

So that means ROOT has python support and was built with Python version 2.7.17. Can you check the version of Python on your system (python --version)?

The default python of the computer is 2.7.17, which is the same as that displayed by the root-config --python2-version --python3-version command

Python 2.7.17 (default, Sep 30 2020, 13:38:04)
[GCC 7.5.0] on linux2
Type “help”, “copyright”, “credits” or “license” for more information.

Well, I don’t see anything wrong with ROOT, then it looks like the problem is on the checkmate side

Thank you very much , this problem has been solved.The problem was that the root version was too high, which I fixed by changing the root version on my computer to 5.0

Hello, Excuse me, have you ever encountered this problem?
ROOT could be initialised but apparently it has been configured without Minuit2 functionality. Checkout the manual to find out how to add it.
My system version is ubuntu20.04, the installed root version is 6.13.08, and the above error was reported when installing checkmate.

Dear huifang_lv
Actually, I didn’t know what Minuit2 was. But the checkmate I installed on Unubtu18.04 works fine and I’m happy to help you if you have problems installing Checkmate.

Thank you for your reply. I also successfully installed checkmate on another ubunto18.04, and the root version is 6.13.08.
Now I want to try to install chekmate on this ubunto20.04. When I use the higher version of root6.20.8, the python problem like yours also appeared, so I chose the lower version of root6.13.08, And the installation was successful, but when installing checkmate, there was a problem with Minuit2.
If there is no good solution, maybe I can only reinstall the system?

You can find a Checkmate on Github, which may help you deal with Minuit2 issues. I have a successfully installed version of Checkmate here, maybe I can send it to you by email, if you can tell me your email address

If so, thank you so much!
My email is:

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