Configuration of Root on MACos

I keep getting this error when trying to configure root , can you please advise how to move forward?
i have installed cmake already installed cmake and x-code.

What is the cmake command you are using ? which options ?

I installed cmake from home brew

Hi @Jude_AlOudeh ,
and welcome to the ROOT forum! If you are using homebrew already, note that you can install ROOT with it, see Installing ROOT - ROOT .

Regarding your specific build problem, I am not sure whether using homebrew’s cmake to compile ROOT from sources is supported. Maybe @henryiii has an idea, or @couet might be able to point you to the typical procedure to build ROOT from sources on Mac.


I am a mac user and I simply use the standard way to build ROOT:

git clone root
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../root
make -j8

You are already using homebrew, why not just brew install root?

Do you have the Xcode command line tools installed? (Open Xcode and make sure it’s not asking to install the CL tools, or follow the command line instructions here: Setup a New Mac - )

Also, the proper way to do modern CMake is:

git clone
cmake -S root -B build
cmake --build build -j8

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