Conda root 6.04 and root_numpy 4.4

Dear ROOT expert,

I’m trying to use an old code made with the anaconda environment and that use root 6.04 and root_numpy 4.4 with python 2.7.
We can’t use other root or root_numpy versions, otherwise conflicts arise because of other dependencies of the environment and the installation fails.
Unfortunatly, neither of root 6.04 or root_numpy 4.4 are available on the conda-forge web page of root and root_numpy (here and here
Do you know where are I could find the corresponding packages?

Thank you,


Here you can try compile it by yourself ( root_v6.04.16.source.tar.gz) from

About root_numpy, it is not a part of ROOT project so I will recommend you contact it’s developers separately.

Conda start to release ROOT only from 6.16, so it will be not useful for you.

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