Conda package with debug symbols


I’ve installed ROOT via conda, and it works very nicely. However, when I debug my executable via gdb, ROOT objects are inaccessible. I am under the impression that there are no debug symbols in the ROOT installation shipped via conda, is that right? If it is, how can I install, inside the conda environment, a version of ROOT built with RelWithDebInfo, or Debug?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @renyhp ,
unfortunately I don’t think there are conda packages available that contain debug symbols for ROOT.

@chrisburr, do you have any suggestions here?


Unfortunately not, the debug symbols make the binaries notably larger for everyone (from a crude check, Release is 240M/611M and RelWithDebInfo is 686M/2.0G where the sizes are Compressed/Uncompressed). In principle, the debug info could be stripped into a separate package if someone is motivated to add support (see the incomplete CFEP-20).

One option for @renyhp would be to build the package yourself by:

  1. Cloning conda-forge/root-feedstock
  2. Modifying recipe/
  3. Running CPU_COUNT=$(nproc) ./
  4. Create the environment with mamba create --name root-with-debug -c local root gdb ...
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