Concatenate text


I want to know how to concatenate text in a TPaveLabel and how to refresh/update the text

If I use something like that:
for (i=0;i<=5;i++) {
title = new TPaveLabel( 0.1, 0.2, 5, 8,Form(“Label Text %d”, i);

the things doesn’t work … like I wanted to.


João Pires

When you have such questions, please send a real executable script and not just 3 lines from which it is difficult to guess your environment.
In your case, it looks like you are creating 5 TPaveLabels stacked on top of each other.


well I think this is the problem … but how did I resolve it?
I need to delete the pave before put the next one?
I was trying to do that but … I’m not very well succeded …
In attachment I put the file that I want to change the pave label depending on the event number …


fc1.dat.root (1010 KB)
amplitudev00.C (14.6 KB)