Compliling problem : Root v4.03.02 and Fedora Core 3

I have been trying to compile Root in Fedora Core 3 this week, but my efforts have been rather fruitless.

I have the tar ball unpacked in //usr/local/src/root . Configuration goes smoothly, but I always get an error when undergoing the make process:

I have seen other threads on this forum where users had similar problems with Fedora Core 3. CVS updates were provided as a solution, but unfortunetly, CVS does not work for me either. I am a fledgling linux user since this is the first program I am using linux for, so if anyone could provide some pointers or possible solutions it would be greatly appreciated.


This problem has been solved in the CVS repository.

Just add
#include <errno.h>
to krb5auth/src/TKSocket.cxx