Compiling with MSVC

I would like to be using CINT n a Windows app - compiling with MSVC Express 2008.
One of the sticky topics in the CINT forum claims to have “vc2008 solution included” but the link given is broken :frowning:

I have tried to use the pre-compiled binary package, but the app won’t run because some required DLL is not available. None of the requested DLLs that I can locate on my system seem to allow the app to run.
So it looks like I need to compile the code myself, but here I have run into another roadblock.

After downloading & extracting cint-5.16.19-source.tar.gz, the readme.txt file mentions building under Windows
b) Using Visual C++ 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 (See b’ for VC++ 7.0)
and speaks of various directories
c:\cint> cd c:\cint\platform\visual : VC++4.0/5.0/6.0
c:\cint> cd c:\cint\platform\visualCpp6 : VC++6.0
c:\cint> cd c:\cint\platform\visualCpp7 : VC++7.0

which I can’t find in the extracted source directory tree.

Even browsing the SVN repository at
does not show any such ‘platform’ directory.

Any help or information will be greatly appreciated.



you need cygwin to run

$ tar xfz cint-5.16.19-source.tar.gz
$ cd cint-5.16.19
$ ./configure
$ gmake 

as stated at

Cheers, Axel.


you need cygwin to run[/quote]

Thank you, Axel, but that is what I am trying to avoid and both the readme and the sticky topic led me to believe I could - but it looks like that is not so :frowning:

In which case, I will have to reconsider my options …