Compiling ROOT 5.34.34 w/ VS2015

Dear Root experts,

I have some trouble to get the latest ROOT5 release build with VS2015 as P_tmpdir has been dropped from stdio.h, … er-defined

but is used in rootcint.cxx. Is the any workaround? (unfortunately, we cannot change to ROOT6 for the time being)


Hi Marcus,

ROOT 5 is not compatible with VS 2015 (and will never be). ROOT 6 (once available on Windows) will be.

Cheers, Bertrand.

Hi Bertrand,

thanks a lot for the quick reply.

Old topic, but since it may still be topical:

In case of interest for those unfortunate who need to evaluate if manually porting ROOT5 to VC2015 might actually be worth doing despite of all the good reasons not to, it seems that it’s relatively easy to get at least basic parts of ROOT to compile as demonstrated here (note that while the diff seems rather long, most of it comes from unmodified copy-paste content): with those changes default CMake config excluding ‘cintex’ and ‘reflex’ builds on VC2015, but worth stressing is that no runtime tests of anykind have been done and this is simply a demonstration. Changes in non-CINT code are fairly trivial and not expected to cause problems, but CINT-related modifications are much more dubious.