Compiling ROOT 5.34.25 for Intel Xeon Phi

I am attempting to cross-compile ROOT for the Xeon Phi architecture on the host machine but am running into some problems. The compilation completes and there are no error messages displayed, but there is a lot missing, such as no “rootcint” which causes the compilation of my own code to fail. Is it at all possible to do cross-compilation for the Xeon Phi and if so how is it done? If this is not the case and compilation of ROOT directly on the card is necessary, is it enough to only install the packages specified by the “Build Prerequisites” page and icc/icpc? What configure options do I need?

What I have been using for cross-compilation configure is

./configure linuxx8664k1omicc --enable-roofit --enable-minuit2 --with-thread-libdir=/usr/linux-k1om-4.7/linux-k1om/usr/lib64/ --enable-builtin-zlib

which I got from … 664k1omicc

The host is running CentOS Linux 6 64-bit.

Thanks in advance!

We are these days trying to make progress in cross compilation for the Intel Xeon Phi, but the CMake build system. This is because in the long term we will only support this one. CMake supports cros-compilation. See for example The problem of building dictionaries with rootcint remains.

So if I want to compile Root for the Xeon Phi it must be done in native mode? Is the dictionary building with rootcint problem specific for the Xeon Phi, or is that in general?