Compiling questions


For a time I used the ROOT interpreter but because I want better speed I decided to compile my code. Because I am new at this I am not sure what I have to do:

I have compiled my code with ACLiC (.L prog.C++) and I obtained the files
After this I uploaded the lib with gSystem->Load(“prog_C.dll”) and then called the main function.

  1. Is this the correct and best way to proceed? Is this method significantly faster then just uploading the script and calling the function?

  2. If I use a different compiler would I get a better speed?

  3. I was wondering how come I do not obtain an .exe file? Could I use the .dll to make one?


To use ACLIC, it is sufficient to do

.L myprog.C+ somefunction(..) where somefunction is defined in myprog.C
If you want to execute a function having the same name as the file, eg to execute a function called myprog() in myprog.C, just do

.x myprog.C+