Compiling h2root on MacOS 10.4

Dear Root Talk,

I used Fink in order to install cernlib2005 and cernlib2005-dev. Yet when I compile ROOT 5.12 h2root is not created, even though the output from .configure is

I followed the other two posts about this problem (here and here) but to no avail.

Any thoughts?

Mac OS X 10.4.7 (PPC)

Is there any error messages?


Thanks for the prompt reply.

Not that I can see, perhaps I missed something though…

I have attached the entire output of the compilation.
Compilation.txt (22.9 KB)

What is the result ofgrep BUILDHBOOK config/Makefile.config andgmake bin/h2root


I am fixing the problem right now about the missing directory. I didn’t realize one needed to also install gcc4 for Fink even though Darwin already has it.

Hopefully this will solve the problem :slight_smile:


Couple of hours later… :slight_smile:

It worked!

Although I now get this error message:

The root file is created and it looks fine.

Here is where you can download the hbook.

Thanks for the help

humm … I can not reproduce the problem (on linux). I do not have access to a macos with cernlib … but I suspect some sort of build incompatibility :frowning:



At least the root file is created in the end.

I am guessing this is just a typo

I clicked on the 5.12 link!