Compiling class with root6.22

I made a custom compilation of root 6.22 using the following flags:

cmake -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=$(pyenv root)/versions/3.6.12/bin/python -DPYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR=$(pyenv root)/versions/3.6.12/include/python3.6m -DPYTHON_LIBRARY=$(pyenv root)/versions/3.6.12/lib/python3.6 -DPython_INCLUDE_DIRS=$(pyenv root)/versions/3.6.12/include/python3.6m -DPython_LIBRARIES=$(pyenv root)/versions/3.6.12/lib/python3.6 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../install -Dxrootd=NO -DPostgreSQL_INCLUDE_DIR=$HOME/Bin/postgresql/install/include -DPostgreSQL_LIBRARY=$HOME/Bin/postgresql/install/lib/ ../root_src
(i have python installed with pyenv and PostgreSQL installed manually)
And it compiles until the end. Then i have to link root in another application in order to compile it as well and i get the errors:

root6.22/install/lib/ undefined reference to tbb::interface7::internal::isolate_within_arena(tbb::interface7::internal::delegate_base&, long)'

root6.22/install/lib/ undefined reference to tbb::interface7::internal::task_arena_base::internal_max_concurrency(tbb::interface7::task_arena const*)'

during the cmake of root it says that it cannot find tbb so it will build the builtin version.
Keep in mind that i already used this procedure to install everything on a debian7 machine with python installed in the exact same way (the only new thing is the custom PostgreSQL installation).
Can you help me pinpoint the problem?

_ROOT Version: 6.22
_Platform: Debian 9
_Compiler: gcc 6.3.0 (cmake 3.18.4)


When you link your application against root, can you include the flags provided by root-config --cflags --libs?

In particular you need for sure the -I and -L to make sure both the ROOT headers/libraries and the (builtin) tbb headers/libraries are found.

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