Compiling and linking root 5.16 under MS Visual Studio

Hi all,
I know this will sound like I haven’t done any “home work” before coming ask the gurus, but actually I have a bit.
I’m used to compile, link and install root under linux (since version 2 something), but lately I’m trying to move somethings to windows (Yeah, buuu away :wink: ).
I’ve managed to install the msi file (root 5.15.08) and work with that to build my programs. But I want to install now version 5.16.00 from sources.
How can I do that without cygwin, just from MSVC++8.0? Where can I find a dummies’ step-by-step guide to that?
I want to know basically how to create a project in MS Visual Studio to build the whole of root libs and bins and also how to configure my new projects to build with root.
I hope you can help!
Thanks in advance,

Hi Rui,

As previously said, to build ROOT from source on Windows, you need cygwin (or an equivalent tool, as, i.e. a subset of MSYS)
There is no plan (for the short term) to create a Visual Studio project…