Compile RooUnfold on ROOT 6.10


I have recently updated my root version from 5.34 to 6.10, but I am no more able to compile RooUnfold library v1.1.1, that can be downloaded from here


The problem is

Making /home/user/Local/source/RooUnfold_uptodate/libRooUnfold.rootmap
make: rlibmap: Command not found
GNUmakefile:398: recipe for target '/home/user/Local/source/RooUnfold_uptodate/libRooUnfold.rootmap' failed<a class="attachment" href="/uploads/default/original/2X/3/38abddda0bed49905c089175b8241e3e57360d28.txt">GNUmakefile.txt</a> (15.6 KB)

make: *** [/home/user/Local/source/RooUnfold_uptodate/libRooUnfold.rootmap] Error 127

I found this is happening because rlibmap is no more present in ROOT 6. I read somewhere that I should use rootcling instaed. Because I did not write the code, I am not sure how to edit the Makefile GNUmakefile.txt (15.6 KB)

Could you help me?


Dear kormoranos,

You may find some useful information in here: RooUnfold installation in mac .

Note, however, that the ROOT support team is not in position to provide support for external packages that look somehow unmaintained by their authors.

G Ganis

Thank you Ganis, I was able to install the latest version with very small changes.

By the way, I know that RooUnfold is not maintained by ROOT support team, my question was more related on how to change from “rlibmap” to “root cling” (yes title is misleading).

Just for my future knowledge, do you know where I can find a detailed guide on it?

Unfortunately I do not think that there is much documentation available, but perhaps this can help:

i.e. rlibmap becomes rootcling --rootmap .

G Ganis

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