Compile ROOT with Visual Studio 2019 - list of dependencies

I am trying to compile ROOT on Windows (Visual Studio 2019 + CMake + MSBuild + Release Win32).
I fail to find the list of prerequisistes from the README file.
Can someone tell where I can find this list ?
Thanks for your valuable feedback.

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_ROOT Version: 6.22.02
_Platform: Windows
Compiler: Visual Studio 2019 /MSBUILD

What do you mean? The prerequisites depends on what you need. See the Windows paragraph of Dependencies - ROOT

Hi Bellenot,

I am aware of this page but I am wondering whether in the Windows case, it contains all the needed information. I understand from your reply that the list is up to date

Ì think that page can still be improved a bit. In particular, for example, Visual Studio is huge and has a lot of components, and it’s not clear which one/s is/are really needed for ROOT (downloading everything just in case is not so nice, as it’s many, many GB).

I have not tried to compile ROOT on Windows 10, but at least I found in a test a couple of months ago that it ran by doing this:

1 - Download VS Community 2019 installer from
(select “develop for Desktop using C++ on my Windows machine”)

2 - Run VS installer, select component “Desktop development with C++”, leave all else as per default (needed disk space ~7-8 GB).

3 - Install ROOT with its .exe installer, let it add root/bin to path variable, or add it manually.

4 - ROOT should now run on any command prompt.

So I only added the “Desktop development with C++”, but even this one has many subcomponents which may or may not be needed, and I might be missing something else and just haven’t found out; or maybe a clean Windows install needs more (I already had other software, including MS Office, for instance, which may have installed some other needed stuff). And all this without trying to compile ROOT, as I mentioned.

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