Compile problem


The code without compiling runs but it taks a time.
So, I try to compile the code, but there are error messages and I cannot compile it.
I added several header files in the code, but I cannot compile it, yet.
Could you help me?
The sample test code is attached.

Thank you!
bw_fit_cucu200_3_test.C (114 KB)

Hi Nobu,
in your macro (attach) see lines //<=======

bw_fit_cucu200_3_test.C (114 KB)

Thank you for the message and I am sorry to reply late.
I could compile it when I commented out the lines which you mentioned.
However, it does NOT run and I see many error messages.

How can I fix these problems?

I did below:

root>.L bw_fit_cucu200_3_test.C
root>flowfit( 0, 9.95, “cucu200_test.root”);

lots of error messages…

Thank you!