Compile options:: built time and JIT time relations

Hi! I’m curious about the JIT compile options relative to the built options:
Is the JIT done with the same options? (read from written down configuration)
Are there some generic ones? or picked up automatically from the host?
would avx extensions be automatically used even if the root was not configured with them?

Thank you!

I think @Axel can give you a precise answer

We try to use the same config flags as ROOT was built with. Notable exemption is -O2: we try to use -O1 but fail to inline (there’s a PR that fixes it and that I need to work on). You can inject flags with the “secret” env var EXTRA_CLING_ARGS, but that might cause havoc, e.g. the architecture selection is part of the modules that are generated at buildtime, and cling’s / ROOT’s runtime must match that. But it’ll tell you :slight_smile:

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