Compilation with ROOT FFTW Wrapper

Hello Dear Rooter’s,

I have install ROOT FFTW Wrapper from .
I try to load this tool in root as describe in the manuel :

Running :

no error was return for that


the following error was return :

dlopen error: /usr/local/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZTI6TGraph
Load Error: Failed to load Dynamic link library /usr/local/lib/

So, I try to compile a cpp code with that tool.
I make a Makefile with all Library in LD_LYBRARY_PATH and good path for includes and it doesn’t work, the compilation return some indifine reference.
I use the 4.4 version of g++.



First do:

If you link a standalone executable, see, for example, [url]Compiling Root script with g++
Just put:
LDLIBS=-lRootFftwWrapper -lfftw3 root-config --glibs

BTW. I assume you know that ROOT has a MATH FFTW module based on the TVirtualFFT class. Try “root-config --features” and see if the output contains “fftw3”, or try “root-config --has-fftw3” and see if you get “yes”. See also: ROOT Tutorials: Fast Fourier Transforms.

Thanks to you, my problems are solved.

I will read your link.

Thanks again.