Compilation of CVS version on macosx


I have just compiled (without any problem) and tried to install the latest version extracted from the CVS (yesterday).
I encountered the following problems using “make; sudo make install” procedure (on macosx):

  1. I have the fileutil package from fink installed and the default “cp” command comes from it. This is somehow seen by configure, but for macosx the correct commands for INSTALL and INSTALLDATA are overwritten by the one found in config/Makefile.macosx.
    This is fixed by setting an absolute path in the later (ie: INSTALL := /bin/cp -pPR).
    The symptoms were a doubling of the latest install levels:
    /bin was /bin/bin ,
    /man/man1 became /man/man1/man/man1

  2. I had many messages saying:

[quote]Error: cannot open /usr/local/root-5.06.00-dev/root/lib/root/cint/MAKEINFO
!!! There are examples of MAKEINFO files under /usr/local/root-5.06.00-dev/root/cint/platform/ !!!
Please refer to these examples and create for your platform
at execution time.
This was already seen ( and a partial the solution was given there:

[quote=“Ray Fliller”]I finally found the problem, my configure options need to include
Then it seems to run fine. I don’t know why I have to add this all of the sudden… ](*,)[/quote]
But then the default is not correct (eventhough the searched files are in the correct directory) and an execution error remains:

[quote]Error: cannot open file “RtypesCint.h” FILE:(tmpfile) LINE:2
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

  1. And I still have an unknown map when running from a different shell than the one used to compile and install:

[quote]Error in TCint::LoadLibraryMap: library map empty, no system.rootmap file
found. ROOT not properly installed.[/quote]

  1. Finally some cosmetics: I have a warning during the “make install”:

[quote]Installing binaries in /usr/local/root-5.06.00-dev/root/bin
usage: cp [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-f | -i | -n] [-pv] src target
cp [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-f | -i | -n] [-pv] src1 … srcN directory[/quote]
probably due to the following lines of the Makefile :
if [ "x$(BINDEXP)" != "x" ] ; then \ $(INSTALL) $(BINDEXP) $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR); \ fi; \
with an empty BINDEXP.

Best regards, Vincent.


this issues should all have been fixed in the current cvs head.

Cheers, Fons.