Compilation error on ubuntu 9.10

I’m having problem compiling the ROOT sources, from the 5.26 patches branch. The errors are compiling graf2d/x11/src/GX11Gui.cxx and seem related to standard X11 code.

I attached the make and configure log files.

Thanks, Guido
config.log.txt (246 KB)
make.txt (34.4 KB)


I cannot reproduce this on my Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit system. Do you have on your system the /usr/include/X11/Xlib.h etc files that are referenced in root/include/Xpm.h? You compile for 32-bit, is this a 32-bit machine and are all 32-bit dev files installed?

Cheers, Fons.

I did the installation again and error dissappears. It is really strange: the packages’ list is exactly the same… anyway it’s good the problem is sovled.

thanks, guido