Compilation error during Geant4_vmc.3.3 make

I have installed on Linux opensuse 42.1 the Root package 6.08/02 and Geant4.10.3 . I tried also to install Geant4_vmc.3.3. During the make of Geant4_vmc.3.3 a compilation error appears. I add the cmake- and make protocol in the attachment. I have used the most simple configuration deleting all test options, etc, but the compilation error persists.

I add the protocol of the make step.
Indication_make_compile_err.txt (8.76 KB)

geant4_vmc version 3.3 is based on Geant4 version 10.2.
The new geant4_vmc version, based on Geant4 10.3, is now under testing
and the tag is planned for the next week.
You can try to use in meantime the development version from git master,
which should compile with 10.3.

Many thanks for your hint! So i wait for the next VMC-release.