Compatibility of python library uproot with C++ (and ROOT) based framework for data analysis


I am new to python and pyroot, I deal with a problem of compatibility of my analysis framework (PHAST, for ref), based on C++ and root, with python uproot library. It does not know the PHAST classes, so the root dictionary (and generated streamers) has to be loaded first. I have been advised by a colleague that in C++ root the procedure is loading by CINT macro “R__LOAD_LIBRARY(lib/;”. But he does not know how to do it in python, uproot. Could you give me some advice on this, or some ideas where to look?

Thank you for any lead!

ROOT Version: 6.28/00
Platform: CentOS 7 Linux
Compiler: gcc 11

Dear @MarketaPeskova ,

I am not sure about uproot usage since it is not based on ROOT. Are you having any issue when reading your data with ROOT (or PyROOT if you are writing your code in Python)? In general, for data analysis purposes ROOT offers RDataFrame as a high-level interface.