CoMPASS won't run with ROOT Visual C++ debugger


Hello all,
I’m running Root on windows with Visual C++ (which, is somehow faster than when I run a separate version on Linus Subsystem for Windows and I’m not sure why, but that is a question for another time).

Everything was running fine until I downloaded a new version of CoMPASS (CAEN’s acquisition software). I installed the software and when I try to open CoMPASS it gives an error and says the assertion failed, JIT must be enabled to debug the application (see photo). I’m not a developer in any sense so I do not understand what this means, and the Visual Studio documentation says I can enable or disable Debugging by “Clicking On the Tools or Debug menu, select Options > Debugging > Just-In-Time” but there is no Just-In-Time button when I click through.
Has anyone seen this error before?

Well, to be able to debug your code, it should first be compiled in debug mode, but even then, if you’re not a developer, I’m not sure it would help. Do you know which version of ROOT is used?

I’m not actively trying to debug anything – it’s when I attempt to open CoMPASS (CAEN’s digital acquisition software), I get an error from ROOT saying that the Assertion failed. I have registered a help request with CAEN and if I learn anything from them I’ll post here in case anyone else runs into anything.