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Comparison of two Gas files

I have created two gas files of different gas mixture at Garfiled++ , now if i wanna make a comparison plots of the gas properties of the two gas files in the same canvas , How to do this?

I’ve attached a simple program that plots two gas files (you’ll probably need to adapt it a bit to your purposes).
plot2.C (860 Bytes)

Thanks for the contribution, @hschindl!

Thanks a lot @hschindl I really appreciate your effort , I have two questions , is this version available to plot more than two gas files ? also if i want to write side information about the plots into the graph ( e.g. the green color refer to gas X and the red refer to gas Y ) can i do this ?

Apologies for my very late reply!

Yes, you can superimpose more than two curves, and you can set the labels and colours using the methods SetLabels and SetColours of ViewMedium.

You don’t necessarily have to use ViewMedium though. For more elaborate plots, it might be easier to retrieve a list of the transport parameters stored in the table, and write a little script yourself to plot them.

I’ve just added a page to the website with some more details and examples for dealing with gas tables and plotting transport properties, which might be helpful:

Many thanks for your reply and the website you attached , it was really helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

For pot2.C program , it can’t superimpose more than two gas files , I have tried but it doesn’t work . anyway, I wrote a root script with the data retrieved from the gas files to plot them .

Hello @hschindl ,

I have a question regarding the longitudinal diffusion coefficient (DL),
when I made a comparison of longitudinal diffusion coefficient of Pure Freon under different temperature , I found the attached plot which clarify an asymmetric behavior of DL with the Temperature !!! I can’t understand the reason for that , so Do you have an explanation?!
Dl with diff T.pdf (14.1 KB)

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