Command line or rootcint for ".L dictionarymaker.C+&quo

Hello everybody,
I am doing something that involves dictionaries and for the moment I create dictionaries in the interactive mode of root issuing

where the C file is just

#pragma link C++ class vector<vector >+;
#endif [/quote]

Now I would like to move the generation of the dictionary to command line, in particular to put it in a makefile.
Help from … s-rootcint
is not so clear, at least to me.

I think my case is so simple that all the stuff described is just too much … could anyone help me and tell what is the simple rootcint line to issue to get a dictionary from the .C file above?

Thanks a lot


A sample rootcint command:rootcint -f mydict.cxx -c -Imy_include_directory myheader.h myLinkDef.hThe simpliest way to use for you case is to rename dictionarymaker.C into myvectorLinkDef.h and userootcint -f vecdict.cxx -c myvectorLinkDef.h

You then need to augment you makefile to compile the file vecdict.cxx and then link it into a shared library.

You could also use the same technique we are using in ‘roottest’ and use the script build.C (see link for details) which uses ACLiC to run rootcint, compile and link a script. And then you use the following makefile dictionarymaker.C root.exe -b -l -q 'build.C("dictionarymaker.C")'


Oh thanks, this was working smooth as silk. I think this a classic usecase, maybe could be added in the help page as an example.
thanks again


see … s-rootcint

Cheers, Axel.