Command history not coming with "up arrow" key of keyboard in ROOT

I have Ubuntu 16.04 with ROOT 6.08/02 installed.
I run “root -l” in a terminal and then execute macro “.x macro.C”. And then close the roor with ".q"
But when I open root again “root -l” and try to find the older commands with up arrow key from my keyboard, it has only command “.x hsimple.C” which I don’t even remember using. My recent commands don’t show up. Any clue ?
Thanks !


The ROOT history file should be $(HOME)/.root_hist, and can be changed in $(ROOTSYS)/etc/system.rootrc, or in your own $(HOME)/.rootrc

Cheers, Bertrand.

Thanks bertrand for pointing out where these history files are…SOLVED…, I simply deleted (moved by renaming) the $(HOME)/.root_hist file and ran again root. This time it created new .root_hist and it keeps all the commands in history.


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