Come join the ROOT team!


We’re looking for a new colleague for our diverse, pretty fun :slight_smile: ROOT team! Especially if you are a physicist with analysis experience and available to start with us in about half a year (or a couple of months later).

Please apply here :wave:

From that job description:

Wouldn’t it be amazing to shape the way high energy physics analyses are done? Come join the ROOT team to combine your analysis experience with our expertise on processing data efficiently!

As the ROOT project we are providing the physicist’s tool for analyzing massive amounts of data. Its recent analysis interface (RDataFrame) is used by many physicists, and we want your help with growing RDataFrame and its user community. You will be working with other physicists doing an analysis with HEP experiments; you will determine and implement what’s missing in RDataFrame. You will be sharing your experience as a physicist with an agile, diverse team. We will guide you to transition into the more computing-centric world of a developer for scientific software.

Please don’t be shy: we might really really want to work with you. I’d appreciate having the chance to find out - we can also see together whether this is something for you or not. I.e. message me either in this forum or by email! You can also chat with some of team members with similar positions, to get an idea of what it’s like, e.g. @vpadulan or @jonas .

If this isn’t for you: could we count on your help with asking your friends and colleagues, to see whether anyone is interested?

Hope to hear from you!