Colz problem while drawing the 2D image

Hello Rooters.
I have a root file named hist1.root, it is created from another root file (inside TOF spectra). The reason for creating hist1.root is to draw the two-dimensional image (say w.r.t time). When I open this file, using the following commands in root.
root -l .\histo1.root
TFile f(“histo1.root”)
I have the following figure

Here the want to change the color range. I want to see the figure like;
Please guide me (I’m the very beginner using root).
Thank you

ROOT Version: 5.34/36

Could you be more precise about what you want to get. If I understand correctly, the bottom figure is only a zoom of the top figure, isn’t it?

Yes, you’re right, I just zoomed it. I want the color like;

Thank you


If you are interested by the color of the palette, you should have a look here. If you do not like any of them, you may define your own (see here).

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