Code in root help

Can someone help me with thissim_hankel.c (18.0 KB)
code that I have to use in root?
I have to change Hulten function (ln. 688) with Hankel (ln. 696) but when I run there appear mistake for events that should be right.
Thank you

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Your source code file is NOT using C / C++ language so you will not be able to run it in ROOT.
It is a complete FORTRAN 77 program (and it uses CERNLIB routines).

It should be linked with library /sw/lib/libpacklib.a when compiled then output file can be converted in root.

ROOT provides the “h2root” utility.

Yes, I know but it is not my problem. I know how to run it with root but there is some mistake in code that I made when changing one of functions. I need someone to check it and tell me where is mistake.

You could start with something like this:

gfortran -O2 -Wall -Wextra -c sim_hankel.f

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