Code does not compile

Hi all,

I have a problem concerning the compilation in root.
I use a small analysis framework. Therefore I have to embedding the libraries into root.

Here a small testcode:

#include "hist/TXHistoManager.h"
using namespace FrFW;

int main(void)
TXHistoManager hm;
hm.AddHisto("/test", new TXHisto1d(100, 0, 100));
hm.FillHisto1d("/test", 50);
std::cout << “Integral is " << hm.GetTH1(”/test")->Integral() << std::endl;
return 0;

In the usual console it compiles with g++…
And in ROOT I can type all these commands and it works fine.
But when I compile the code in root with “.L test.C++” I get the following error message:

“error: hist/TXHistoManager.h: No such file or directory”

although the include is available and the path is correct.
I use root 5.16 on my private Ubuntu 7.04 Notebook.
Any ideas?


Hi Gordon,

So ACLiC can not find your include file .
Check your include path through gSystem->GetIncludePath() and
set it correcty through gSystem->SetIncludePath() .


Hi Eddy,

thanks for answer!
It would seem it works…