CNN LSTM machine learning model on GPU?


I have found this talk (slide 14) from 5 years ago and I am particularly willing to use CNN-LSTM machine learning model on GPU. It seems this wasn’t implemented yet at that time. Were there some recent development about LSTM model for TMVA ?

Thanks !

That’s a question for @moneta I suppose

If needed I can surely develop some code if this is not too difficult task and if documentation is available

I have also found that it is possible to import model developed with python ml packages (Keras,etc…). How CPU/GPU featured are interfaced ?
Is it restricted to PyRoot or can this be used also with C++ root ? (I am only using C++)

As I said, @moneta will most probably guide you


The CNN and recurrent including LSTM and GRU are all supported on GPU using the native Deep Learning package. You can see example on how to use them in the tutorial


The GPU is automatically enabled if TMVA has been built with GPU support (-Dtmva-gpu=On -Dcuda=On).
The tutorials show also how you can train the model using Keras or PyTorch using the TMVA interface.