I’ve previously posted about some improvements to the CMake Macro that ROOT provides and these were included in ROOT 5, but seem to have been dropped in ROOT 6. In particular I believe that the ROOT_GENERATE_DICTIONARY should search the include paths for the include files needed, at the moment it seems the paths need to be hard coded (or the headers need to be in ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/inc?):

#Would like to use the following
#ROOT_GENERATE_DICTIONARY(CustomClassesDict AClass.hpp LINKDEF CustomCLasses_LinkDef.h)
#but instead need hard coded paths:
ROOT_GENERATE_DICTIONARY(CustomClassesDict ../include/AClass.hpp LINKDEF ../include/CustomCLasses_LinkDef.h)

The issue is in RootNewMacros.cmake, instead of using a GLOB which is not recommended and oddly picking and choosing hard coded paths (some places use inc/ and others ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/include) the macro should use the find_file command from CMake. I don’t have the time at the moment to improve the macro again, but here is a brief excerpt of my suggested improvements from the previous post:

 #---Get the list of include directories------------------
  get_directory_property(incdirs INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES)
  foreach( d ${incdirs})    
  	set(includedirs ${includedirs} -I${d})
  #---Get LinkDef.h file------------------------------------
  foreach( f ${ARG_LINKDEF})
      find_file(linkFile ${f} PATHS ${incdirs})
      set(linkdefs ${linkdefs} ${linkFile})
      unset(linkFile CACHE)
  #---Get the list of header files-------------------------
      find_file(headerFile ${fp} PATHS ${incdirs})
      set(headerfiles ${headerfiles} ${headerFile})
      unset(headerFile CACHE)

If I find sometime I will rewrite the macro again and post it here.


Also, I’ve created a small test bed project that can be used for testing at

In ROOT 5 we have etc/cmake/FindROOT.cmake and in ROOT 6 (master) we do not have this file anymore and we generate ROOTConfig.cmake, which makes use of RootNewMacros.cmake. This file was changed recently to accommodate these kind of requests and indeed uses find_file(…). Which version are you using of ROOT?

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Good to hear. I’m using ROOT 6.08/06.

It is a little unfortunate as there may be a gap of users for whom the Custom Class CMake file will not work. I will either have to list the relative paths for those users or package a custom version of the cmake modules with the project.

Found it in the JIRA bug tracker:

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