CMake not found CASTOR


I’m currently facing an issue while attempting to install ROOT 6.14.06, as CMake is unable to locate CASTOR (error message provided below). I’ve exhausted all possible solutions that I could think of, but unfortunately, none of them have resolved the problem.
I would really appreciate any help

CMake Error at cmake/modules/SearchInstalledSoftware.cmake:636 (message):
  Castor libraries not found and they are required (castor option enabled)
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  CMakeLists.txt:110 (include)

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_ROOT Version: 6.14.06
_Platform: Ubuntu 22.04
_Compiler: 11.03

Hi @lukroz ,

if you don’t need CASTOR, you can pass -Dcastor=OFF at cmake configuration time.

Also note that v6.14.06 is quite old (from 2018) and CASTOR support has been completely removed from ROOT since (the deprecation happened in v6.18, in 2019).


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