CMake Error installing ROOT at CentOS 7

Dear Experts,

I bump on error

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:3 (cmake_minimum_required):
 CMake 3.4.3 or higher is required.  You are running version

while installing last version of ROOT (Release 6.10/06 - 2017-09-19). I have installed cmake3, however, it does not help to get rid of the error. Please advice.

Thank you in adavance


Are you sure cmake version 3 is installed correctly? What does cmake --version print? Do you have multiple cmakes installed? Then you might need to specify the full path to the β€œnew” cmake.

Thank a lot for the reply. Indeed, CentOS 7, cannot upgrade cmake in a correct way. I found a variant of a solution on

If you installed cmake3, it is usually called cmake3 and not just cmake in binary distributions.

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