CMake Error after Executing the cmake command on the Shell


Before we get started, I am a novice at root. Thank you for reading this post in advance.

I am attempting to install root 6 on Jessie. I have followed root’s quick start ‘recipe’ on this page and have been able to complete step 4. On step 5, where they say to run “cmake --build .”, an error occurs that I don’t understand.

“Error: Could not load cache”

I ran this command in the build directory just like they said. On step 4, I ran “cmake root” when in the root directory and it seemed to detect my development environment, perform a series of test and generate the files required for building root. There are files in the build directory.

Thank you again for reading this post.

in step 4, I ran "cmake root" when in the root directory

that does not sounds right … step 4 is supposed to be done ‘while’ in the build directory.


Thank you! That pointed me in the right direction.

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