CMake compilation problem regarding freetype header files


after configuration of ROOT 5.34.06 with CMake while trying to use the system’s own freetype library instead of the one built into ROOT, compilation fails since the header files of the freetype2 library cannot be found. I have checked that the freetype library is present, and it is actually found correctly by CMake. The include files which are flagged as missing during compilation are also present.

I am trying to install on SuSe 12.3 (gcc 4.7.2). Here, the freetype headers in question are located in ‘/usr/include/freetype2/freetype’ while a directory ‘/usr/include/freetype’ also exists, but this doesn’t contain the headers needed. I suspect that the latter is being searched. I did try to modify the ‘CMakeCache.txt’ to reflect the location of the headers, but that didn’t help either.

Any suggestions on how to fix this apart from using the ‘builtin_freetype’-option that currently causes another problem (which, however, can be manually fixed, see my answer to a previous post)?

Thank you,