Cmake build error


trying to install the latest root version. Doing “sudo cmake --build . – -j2” gives the error
error: redefinition of ‘integer_sequence’. This was the recent question not so long ago.
I did sudo cmake …/root -Dcxx14=ON which was mentioned but didn’t work…

Is there are build bug? Can you offer me a workaround,

thanks, Damir

_ROOT Version:6.14
_Platform: linux
_Compiler: gcc

What version of the compiler are you using? It’s essential information to debug this sort of thing, same for what linux distribution you are using, and the output of the call to CMake. Without this information, we are in the dark.


its gcc-7.3.0 default ubuntu 18.04 version

Does it work if you use -Dcxx17=ON?

doesn’t work; then it really doesn’t compile; A whole page of errors, no need to post it i think;

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