Cmake and *.pcm file

For cmake, in CMakeLists.txt, I add the following command:


After the share library is created, the lib is moved to the ${LIBRARY_OUTPUT_PATH}. However, the *.pcm file is not moved together. How to configure CMakeLists.txt so that the *.so and *.pcm can be moved to the same directory?


ROOT Version: 6.16
Platform: ubuntu
Compiler: g++

@wx2017 can please clarify, are you talking here about *_rdict.pcm or ROOT C++ modules?

For *_rdict.pcms, if you write your custom CMakelists file, you need explicitly mention where you want to install them.

For example if you are using ROOT_GENERATE_DICTIONARY() or via ROOT_STANDARD_LIBRARY_PACKAGE() then *_rdict.pcms are installed easily using

Thanks. This is what I needed.

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