Cling's internals docs?

Hi! First of all, thanks for building and open-sourcing Cling. It’s a brilliant piece of software.
I’m interested in working on something similar, but for Rust. My goal was to take as much inspiration from this project as I can, and then adapt whatever is necessary.

While I can go through the codebase, and the talks to understand how Cling works, I wondered whether there is a document describing how Cling works. In particular, something like this would be really nice to have.

Thanks for your time,


Hi Blas,

We don’t - after all, cling is a tiny extension to clang, so I guess we assumed it to be straightforward :wink: But with cling’s code base growing maybe it’s a good idea to write something like this up! @jalopezg would you be up for such a document or even paper?


Hello @blasrodri,

Recently, a blog post has been published by Vassil Vassilev on the LLVM project blog; see here. It gives a nice overview on how Cling works. Additionally, you can read the Cling-related published papers; a list can be found at

As @Axel said, if something more detailed is needed, I might contribute it (with the help of Vassil and Axel) in the upcoming months :-).


Hey guys,

thanks so much for pointing to these resources. I’ll read them up, and come back if I have any questions.

Again, I really appreciate your help and being so quick to respond.

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