Cling release management

Dear Cling developers,

I am wondering why the “Manual build” chapter of the “Cling Build Instructions” always refer to the master branches of LLVM, Clang and Cling.

Do you already have or do you work on a release versions of Cling that links against e.g. version 3.5 of LLVM?

Best regards



We need our own patch set on top of llvm / clang. I don’t see where we refer to the master branches of llvm and clang.

The current HEAD of cling builds against llvm / clang revision 227800, see … xt;hb=HEAD - this is way after 3.5 and shortly before 3.6.

Cheers, Axel.

Hi Axel,

thank you for explaining this and the useful link to the web representation of Git.

Best regards