cling::DynamicLibraryManager::loadLibrary(): cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

ROOT Version: 6.28/06

Dear @Owaise_Ahmed ,
Thank you for your report. I don’t see a lot of information, but I will guess that the error written in the title happens during a custom ROOT build you’re doing. First question: is it absolutely necessary for you to build ROOT? There are many installation options at Installing ROOT - ROOT that do not require custom installation.

If and only if you do need to build ROOT manually, then I would say you are probably missing Pythia libraries from your machine. If you also need Pythia, then I suggest you search for help on how to install it on its official website . If you do not need Pythia, then you can just disable it in the configuration options -Dpythia8=OFF.


hey, sorry for a late response.
I got this error while loading DELPHES library on root prompt in the DELPHES directory.
Using "gSystem->Load(“libDelphes”)
If that helps.

I am still struggling with this, need to look for Pythia libraries though.

This means that either your ROOT installation has not enabled the pythia components, or that ROOT doesn’t know where to find the pythia library when loading libDelphes (so you need to extend the dynamic path with the directory where the library is placed), or both.


hey, how are you?

I checked all that. But after that also i was still getting the same error.
I did the entire process of installation of Pythia, ROOT and Delphes. The start. I was able to observe that everytime I configure my delphes with pythia, i was getting the above error.

so after configuring it with pythia, in the delphes folder I used the command.

make clean
then again

Now I am able to generate the detector response and also able to Load the “libDelphes library”


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