Cling kernel for jupyter notebook on windows

I would like to use cling in a jupyter notebook, installing kernels for c++.
In the folders downloaded from github I have kernels for all versions of c++ in tools/jupyter.
When I compile cling on windows, in the c:\cling folder, there are only the bin, include and lib folders, the share folder is not created.
Do I need to add some option to CMake to compile the kernel for jupyter as well, or is this not implemented under windows?

Hi, I never tried, but on Windows there is no shared folder, the shared libraries are also in the bin directory (e.g. I see the libclingJupyter.dll file in the bin directory)

In my bin folder there is only cling.exe.
At this point something is wrong with my cling.
I built it following instructions I found on this forum.
I don’t know what to do, I will try to read the compilation instructions again, but I don’t think it changes anything.

Hi @germanocarella,

Is using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) a viable option for you?


Certainly I could use wsl on windows, but I probably couldn’t interact with windows dll; also I don’t know if visual studio code notebooks can connect with kernels installed in wsl.

I don’t see how libclingJupyter.dll could not be built. Do you allow llvm to build shared libraries? Do you have anything libclingJupyter.* in your cling build directory? Did the cling build actually finish successfully?

I followed instructions I found on internet.
It may be that I read wrong instructions; I can’t remember where I found them.
Please can you post me the correct instructions for build cling on windows?
I will run the procedure from the beginning and post the build results.

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