Cling C++ succesful windows build with Mingw


I have a successful build of cling for windows that is operating correctly and able to digest C++.

I want to make this available should anyone need it and/or would like to experiment with it. It was what I had been looking for for some time, I have no choice but to operate on windows and really wanted cling functionality there. So I would like to save others the work and get help in identifying problem areas. I had read that MSVC could not handle the C++ aspect (it can handle only C) and we might need to wait until CLang supported the windows platform…but I believe that compiling through mingw/cygwin we are able to get around this limitation. And it at least appears so. No reason to be restricted to MSVC and inherent limitations.

I should point out that it is an initial build and I have tested only a little bit so far. It is done with Mingw 32-bit and gcc for windows. I believe this gets around the ABI and name-mangling issues. Next step is a cygwin64 environment which I believe will be better. There will be a dependency on cygwin but I think that is not too large an issue.

If any are interested, post here and I will put the build up on a share. It is quite large.

Hi gbrill,
Sounds very interesting. Could you submit a pull request here: so that I could review it. I am more than happy to integrate your work mainline.
We have updated cling to newer llvm and clang and the native windows support is better. Maybe you want to try.

ok, not at a dev machine at moment and in transit, but will set something up as soon as I get back.

I know this is old, but I would be very much interested in a C++ interpreter compiled for Windows.

I would be very glad for a simple download of a .zip/git checkout with all dependencies etc. included where I can just double-click cling.exe to get a working C++ interpreter to speed up my development and testing cycle.

Bonus for out-of-the box working Jupyter notebook interface.


We are working on it! At least the basics of cling now work on windows.

Cheers, Axel.


How’s the progress on a windows compileable build coming along?


You can already build cling on Windows (without Mingw). Just follow those build instructions

Cheers, Bertrand.