Cling Build Instructions Don't Work

Has anyone built Cling from source (Manual Build) following the instructions on this page?

I had manually built Cling from source about a year ago on xubuntu 22.04. At that time, I had found and posted the errors in the instructions on the forum.

I tried manually building Cling today from the instructions on the above page. It looks like the instructions have changed significantly from a year ago (I had saved them), so my old notes are of no use. Unfortunately, there seem to be new errors/omissions in the current instructions but I am unable to get past them.

The binary snapshots seem old (2020) and the shell script (Build script) also does not seem to correspond to the current directory structure/source.

FWIW, I have a new system with xubuntu 22.04 installed on it (no other OS) just to test all the workarounds I found for our Cling needs (built a year ago) with the latest version of Cling.

Could someone who knows the latest source tree and the build process do what we call a “dumb user” test to make sure that the instructions would work on a system that has nothing prior from ROOT/Cling on it (so, no prior path or environment variable settings, etc. exist) such that a user who follows the instructions is able to build and install Cling?

Thank you.

_Platform: Xubuntu 22.04
_Compiler: g++ 11.4.0
cmake: v3.22.1

what was your error I had only two could not find …/build/src/llvm and didn’t know what Ninja was so I installed Ninja and changed the line to end in …/src/llvm and it worked
though cmake --build . was very greedy took all 32 of my CPU’s/cores and maxed them out crashed the GUI first time around lol

ubuntu 23.10
_Compiler I think it used Clang++ as clang is installed
cmake version 3.27.4

Thank you very much.

After I got my initial error(s), I started comparing the build commands with those from a year ago when the directory structure was different. That time, there had been some omissions of cd commands and other path errors in the instructions. So in my infinite wisdom, I ‘extrapolated’ from those and seemingly dug myself a bigger hole and could not guess which modification I made to the instructions was correct and which not.

After reading your response, I started building again.
The "cmake --build . " command was still going on at EoB yesterday (about 30% done). This morning, the system was unresponsive, so I rebooted and have started building again. Yesterday, it had some 3K+ files to build, this morning it shows 2K+. The processor and resources on my system are not the best but I have to make it work on that for a reason. Keeping fingers crossed.

Thanks again.