Cling 0.9 for Ubuntu 20.04

I can’t reply in the original thread, as it’s been locked:


But @dimitry_ishenko if you could build for Focal at all, that would be much appreciated! From the GH tags, 0.9 still looks to be the latest release. Or if not, I’ve not tried from a PPA before, but I presume the source debian packages should be available - I may be able to try modifying those in an empty stock Focal container.

The Binary releases don;t seem to go past November 2020, presume there is a known reason why the CI builds stopped(?)


Maybe @vvassilev can comment on this

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@stellarpower I will spin up 20.04 builds later today.

By Binary releases I assume you are referring to the official ones? As far as I understand the developers are now working on the next release, maybe that’s why. :man_shrugging:

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@stellarpower the package is ready. Let me know if any problems.

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