Client-Server as class?

I am trying to create a client-server application using ROOT and I found several examples in the ROOT tutorials, one of them (spyserv.c ) defining an own class.

But since this looks horribly complicated I wondered if it is also possible to write such an application without defining a class? Is there a great advantage to program it as a class?

Thanks a lot for any response and sorry if this is a stupid question but I am new in this subject.


Hi Gerolf,
did you check tutorials/hserv.C hserv2.C hclient.C?
IMHO, not very complicated.

Regards. Valeriy

BTW, all above examples work under win32gdk too.
Running on local machine shared memory used
for communication,
so the speed of data transfer is 10s of Mb.

Hi Valeriy,

thanks for the hint! They are good to start with!!