Clicking on bins in JupyROOT histograms to open links


is it possible to create in JupyROOT a figure with interactivity so that clicking on bins (for example on a TH1) with the mouse can lead to the opening of a link in the browser?

As far as I understand it is in general possible to achieve such functionality on the JsROOT side: JSROOT Click Handling - #5 by linev

But it is not clear to me if such an event handler can be configured from within python or C++ with ROOT functions. I have looked through the documentation and examples but couldn’t locate a way that would allow this, so any tips would be appreciated if indeed it is possible.

Thank you in advance!

ROOT Version: ROOT 6.28
Platform: JupyROOT
Compiler: Not Provided

Hi Berkin,

For the moment it is not possible to inject custom JavaScript code into jupyter jsroot drawing.

And even if it would be possible - jupyter will try to block such kind of operations.